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Tourism in the province of Guayas
The province of Guayas has 3,600,000 inhabitants, 3,000,000 urban and 600,000 rural.

Guayas has an area of 20,600 square kilometers, divided into 28 cantons.
Although Salinas, which in the Santa Elena Province, is the main resort of Guayas, as well as Playas or General Villamil. Other tourist attractions are Rosada beach and El Pelado point. Within the same canton of Playa there are several communes with outstanding beaches. The communes Engabao and Puerto Engabao are referential points in the practice of surfing. Posorja, El Morro, El Arenal, Varadero Beach.

The typical dishes of the area are: seafood rice, albacore onion, mixed ceviche, roasted oyster, among others.

In the Puerto El Morro enclosure you can see extensive mangrove swamps with dolphins that can be seen on sea tours through the El Morro channel.

Santay Island, in which an ecological recreation area was created and the creation of ecovillages was promoted, with the aim of attracting tourists and preserving the flora and fauna of the island.

The Ferrocarril Transandino railway line departed from Durán to Quito.

In the capital, Guayaquil, the Malecón 2000 and the Malecón del Salado stand out. There is also the Santa Ana hill, which is regenerated and redesigned for tourism. It is profitable for tourism to visit Nueve de Octubre avenue, which has also been part of the so-called "Urban Regeneration", on this avenue you can see tall buildings, churches, several parks (including Centennial Park), among other interests. Among the buildings with attractive architectural structure are the Municipal Palace of Guayaquil, the Government, the Las Peñas neighborhood.
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  • Guayaquil is the capital of the Guayas province and the city has 2,200,000 inhabitants. Guayaquil has the seaport with the largest movement of non-oil products in Ecuador.

Alfredo Baquerizo Moreno




  • Daule is in the northwest of near Guayaquil.

  • The canton and the city of Durán are in the east near Guayaquil. It also has the railway station to the Sierra.

El Empalme
  • Empalme canton is in the north of Guayaquil between Portoviejo and Latacunga.

El Triunfo
  • El Triunfo is in the east of Guayaquil

  • Milagro is in the east of Guayaquil, on the highway to Riobamba.

  • Naranjal is located in the south of Guayaquil.

  • Naranjito is between Guayaquil and Pallatanga on the highway to Riobamba.


Pedro Carbo
  • Pedro Carbo is in the northwest between Guayaquil and Manta.

  • Playas has the closest beaches to the city of Guayaquil.

  • Salinas has the most famous beaches in the province of Guayas, it is in the province of Santa Elena.

  • Samborondón is located in the north near Guayaquil.

Santa Elena
  • Santa Elena forms its own province, and Salinas has the famous beaches of Guayaquil.

Santa Lucía



  • Yaguachi is in the east of Guayaquil, between Durán and Babahoyo.

Simón Bolívar

Crnel. Marcelino Maridueña

Lomas de Sargentillo


La Libertad


Tren - Ferrocarril
  • A trip with the Railroad is an unforgettable thing. It still works between some places.

Cines Galerías Arte y Cultura
  • Here you are informed about the different arts and events.

  • There are different museums: archaeological, contemporary art, anthropological, wax, colonial art, historical, etc.
"CLICK" más Fotos - More Photos - Mehr Fotos
"CLICK" más Fotos - More Photos - Mehr Fotos
"CLICK" más Fotos - More Photos - Mehr Fotos
"CLICK" más Fotos - More Photos - Mehr Fotos
"CLICK" más Fotos - More Photos - Mehr Fotos
"CLICK" más Fotos - More Photos - Mehr Fotos
Más Fotos - More Photos - Mehr Fotos
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