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Tourism in Guayaquil
Tourism in Guayaquil
Guayaquil is the capital of the Guayas province and the city has 2,200,000 inhabitants. Guayaquil has the seaport with the largest movement of non-oil products in Ecuador.

The Las Peñas neighborhood is very interesting to visit and appreciate the Guayaquil histórico.

It is also worth visiting the Municipal Palace, and the Clock Tower.

Malecón 2000
The Malecón 2000 is a place to enjoy the city. One of the most significant places for tourists, the Malecó offers its visitors, in addition to security, great monuments of the city's history, museums, gardens, fountains, viewpoints, shopping centers, restaurants, bars, food courts, docks, from where you can board boats for day and night trips along the Guayas River.
Malcón 2000 en Guayaquil
Malcón 2000 en Guayaquil Foto
Monumento Mariscal Sucre Guayaquil Fotos
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Tren - Ferrocarril
  • A trip with the Railroad is an unforgettable thing. It still works between some places.

Cines Galerías Arte y Cultura
  • Here you are informed about the different arts and events.

  • There are different museums: archaeological, contemporary art, anthropological, wax, colonial art, historical, etc.
Las Peñas Guayaquil Fotos
  • Milagro is in the east of Guayaquil, on the highway to Riobamba.

  • Beaches has the closest beaches to the city of Guayaquil.

  • Salinas has the most famous beaches in the Guayas province, and is approximately 110 km from the city of Guayaquil.

Santa Elena
  • Santa Elena forms its own province, and Salinas has the famous beaches of Guayaquil.

La Libertad
  • La Libertad and Ballenita in the Santa Elena province have interesting beaches.
Imagen Cerro Santana Guayaquil
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Ferrocarril - Train - Eisenbahn
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Las Peñas Guayaquil Fotos
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  • Daule is in the northwest, 43 km away from Guayaquil.

  • The canton and the city of Durán are in the east near Guayaquil. It also has the train station or railway starting point to the Sierra.

El Empalme
  • The Empalme canton is in the north of Guayaquil between Portoviejo and Latacunga, 155 km away from Guayaquil.

El Triunfo
  • El Triunfo is in the southeast of Guayaquil, on the road to Azoguez and Riobamba.

  • Naranjal is located in the south of Guayaquil.

  • Naranjito is between Guayaquil and Pallatanga on the highway to Riobamba. Naranjito is 66 km away from Guayaquil.

Pedro Carbo
  • Pedro Carbo is in the northwest between Guayaquil and Manta.

  • Samborondón is located in the north near Guayaquil.

  • Yaguachi is in the east of Guayaquil, between Durán and Babahoyo.
Jardín botánico
Guayaquil has a botanical garden with more than 324 plant species from the region, which can be observed in their natural habitat, timber trees, fruit trees, ornamental and exotic plants. You can also observe 73 species of birds and 60 species of butterflies, throughout the year, with three permanent exhibitions: Orquídeas (more than 50 species), Valdivia (minerals, rocks and precious stones) and medicinal silvers together with a family garden .
Malecón del Salado
On the Malecón del Salado you can enjoy family walks along the estuary in small boats and admire the flora and fauna of the estuary; there are also discos, restaurants, and bars.

Las Peñas
Las Peñas is the oldest neighborhood in Guayaquil. In recent years it has been transformed to become one of the main attractions of the city.

Puerto Santa Ana
Puerto Santa Ana is an architectural megaproject similar to Coconut Walk in Miami or Puerto Madero in Argentina, it is a residential, commercial and potentially tourist place that has several buildings of contemporary construction and luxurious apartments. Its first stage was inaugurated in 2007.
La Reserva Ecológica Manglares Churute
  • The Manglares Churute Ecological Reserve is located in the interior estuary of the Gulf of Guayaquil and has a surface area of 49,894 hectares, of which there are approximately 35,000 hectares. mangrove. Here you can find more than 260 species of birds.

Reserva de Producción Faunística Manglares El Salado
  • The reserve is located in the city of Guayaquil and there are several accesses along the Estero Salado, one of which is from Guayaquil: travel along the road to the coast, return to the Puerto Hondo area.