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Tourism in Atacames, Súa
Tourism in Atacames, Súa
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Sun Palace Hotel
ATACAMES, lado sur
Urbanización Nueva Granada
Calle Primera, frente a la playa
Teléfono: (+593) 06 - 276 09 36, 09 - 610 69 62
In Atacames we recommend:

Atacames is the most visited spa in the province of Esmeraldas.

Atacames is located 30 km southwest of Esmeraldas, it can be reached with direct buses from Quito, Santo Domingo and Esmeraldas.

In the city and on the beach you can find all the facilities for beach vacations. There are hotels, hostels and restaurants of all categories available.
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In Atacames you can find a wide variety of typical crafts made with local materials.

The most notable meals are among others:
  • Lobsters - Langostas
  • Shrimp, shell and fish cebiches - Cebiches de camarón, de concha y de pescado
  • The famous seafood dish - El famoso plato marinero
  • Different dishes with coconut souce - Encocados
  • Green balls made from green banana - Bolas de verde
  • and obviously fish and seafood in different variants.

On the beach the typical cabins invite you with music, dance and tropical drinks. You can rent chairs, hammocks and parasols.

There is the possibility of enjoying a ride over the waves with the "banana", taking a ride on horses, or reading a book.
Hotel Sun Palace Atacames
Sun Palace Hotel Atacames
Sun Palace Hotel Atacames
Sunset on the beach of Atacames Province Esmeraldas
San Francisco
  • Continuing south you reach San Francisco, with its lonely beach.

  • Further south of Cape San Francisco the Muisne River flows into the beautiful Muisne Island with its quiet beaches.

  • Súa is located 5 km south of Atacames. The beach of this small fishing town is less frequented, and has calmer waters, ideal for swimming and enjoying holidays, especially with children.

  • Tonsupa is located 4 km in the north of Atacames and has different hotels and tourist complexes of different categories.

  • 11 km from Súa is Same. It has a beautiful landscape with coconut palm trees.

  • 3 kilometers further south of Same is Tonchigüe, a beautiful fishing town.

  • Beyond Tonchigüe is Galera, a small fishing village.
Puesta del sol en la playa de Atacames
"CLICK" Más Fotos - More Photos - Mehr Fotos
"CLICK" Más Fotos - More Photos - Mehr Fotos
"CLICK" Más Fotos - More Photos - Mehr Fotos
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