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Does the TermoSiphon system give me hot water day and night?
Yes, the hot water remains in the storage tank (well insulated), until you use it. Naturally, the temperature in the tank depends on two important factors, such as the amount of sun received (good or bad weather) and the amount of hot water used in recent days.
Frequent questions (FAQ´s)
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Why the TermoSiphon system comes with a stainless steel tank, is it not very expensive?
First, the stainless tank has a longer life than conventional tanks, and second, it does not rust inside, which guarantees clean water without odors or unpleasant tastes.

Are the water temperatures in Termosiphon systems higher than in conventional solar systems (of the same size)?
Yes, they reach higher temperatures for four reasons:
Firstly, because the CPC (German technology) mirrors concentrate the sun's rays on the collector tubes and this concentration achieves higher temperatures. Second, heat is transported from the collector tubes very efficiently to the storage tank.
Third, because the TermoSiphon system has an almost ideal vacuum in the collector tubes, which guarantees optimum insulation and then the water in the collector does not cool. And Fourth, because the storage tank has a hard polyurethane foam as insulation, there is no heat loss here either.

Will I have hot water when there is less sun?
Yes, why not? CPC mirrors concentrate diffuse solar rays (when there are clouds) and by this concentration it is possible to capture enough solar energy to continue heating the water. In addition, the system must have a reserve of hot water for a day of bad weather, this is called autonomy of the system.

Do TermoSiphon systems have a long useful life?
Yes, they have a long service life, because there are no parts of the system that can rust, there are no moving parts, and the materials used in TermoSiphon systems are durable.

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