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Why save energy?
Firstly, to save money.
Second, to improve the environment, or at least not to continue to make it worse.
Energy saving
Solar system with vacuum tubes
Centralized system
Sistema solar con tubos al vacíoSistema centralizado
How and where can energy be saved?
A relatively important part of energy can be saved in almost all social and technological processes. In transport, with better or different engines or fuels, combined use of energy sources, planning, improvements in technology, etc.

In production with better use, different types of packaging, decentralization, more efficient processes, etc.
In the house with better lamps, efficient refrigerators, change of habits and planning, etc.
The Kyoto Convention
You know what the Kyoto Convention is about?
Why have a large number of countries signed it?
Your country has probably also signed it and what is it doing?

Well here are some links to interesting sites on the subject:
Is saving energy just not using it?
Perhaps it is more important to combine changing the energy source with the rational use of energy. For example, domestic hot water uses relatively much energy, so it is expensive. You can change the source or type of energy, from the electric shower to a gas shower, which means saving money, but you still spend non-renewable resources: electric energy with a high percentage of thermal generation, or the liquefied gas, the two derived from oil, a resource that is running out.

Switching to a solar-powered shower reduces in the medium term, significantly costs. Before amortizing the system, an initial investment must be made, which is the purchase of the system. But after a few years this system will pay for itself, because the energy it requires (solar energy) is costless. Once the cost of the TermoSiphon system has been amortized, the hot water obtained from it is totally free.

An easy question to better understand the advantage of the Termosiphon system: would you buy a car that costs twice as much as the normal model, but does not need fuel for the rest of its useful life? If your answer is yes, then it is worth applying this example to the case of water used in the home for bathing or other needs, asking why not buy a solar system for water heating now?

In the case of solar energy systems, not only money is saved, but also non-renewable resources such as gas or oil are not spent, taking advantage of renewable energy that comes from the sun.

To achieve this, you only need a system that works more efficiently and has a longer lifespan than others. In this case, you are already in the right place to purchase this system.
To achieve changes in people's daily behavior regarding energy use, they must be informed, encouraged or motivated to achieve this important change.
National and local governments surely have an important role in this plan, it is up to them to improve the laws so that they allow and promote the good use of energy.
There also needs to be small incentives, such as the reduction or refund of duty or tax payments.
Having access to information about solar energy and the equipment to achieve its efficient use at this point, it is time to take the next step by acquiring the TermoSiphon system.
TermoSifón - Tubos vacuo
Everything with the sun
Agua caliente energia solar
Agua caliente solar
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