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Lorentz PS 150 Boost
Corporación para el Desarrollo Sostenible CODESO
Energía solar
*    Altura de transporte hasta 140 m
*    Caudal hasta 0,9 m3/h
*    Instalación sencilla
*    Sin mantenimiento
*    Alta precisión y larga duración
*    Gran rentabilidad
*    Dos años de garantía por defectos de fabricación
*    Abastecimiento de agua potable
*    Agua para animales
*    Control de estanques
*    Riego
*    etc.
Lorentz Bombas solares
Lorentz Fotovoltaic solar water pumpsSistemas solares fotovoltaicos
Lorentz Bombas

      Lorentz PS 150 Boost

      Lorentz PS 150 C
      Lorentz PS 200 C
      Lorentz PS 200 HR
      Lorentz PS 600 Badu
      Lorentz PS 600 C
      Lorentz PS 600 HR
      Lorentz PS1200 C
      Lorentz PS1200 HR
      Lorentz PS1800 C
      Lorentz PS1800 CS36-1


   *      *
   *      *
flow rate up to 0.9 m  3/h
lift up to 140 m
same performance for 12 and 24 V DC
handles sea water, dissolved minerals
excellent efficiency thanks to modern brushless DC motor technology

water pressurising
drinking water supply
livestock watering
pond management

rotary vane mechanism (positive displacement), made of forged
      brass, carbon-graphite and stainless steel
brushless DC motor
solar operation: MPP tracking, current booster for solar direct
      applications, pump speed control , low voltage disconnect for battery
      protection, terminals for float/remote switch and low water probe
PV-direct (Non-battery) operation requirement: rated power of PV
     module must exceed pump watts by 20 % or more. Voc 50 V DC
12/24 V DC battery charger included
suction capacity: 5 m/20 ft
horizontal or vertical mounting
cannot tolerate dirt, water must be filtered clear
must not be submerged

inline filter (10 in), standard filter cartridge
installation kit: Pressure switch, pressure gauge, check, drain and
      shut-off valves, tank tee
float switch for tank shut off if full
well probe sensor to protect pump from dry-running

   *      *



Performance Chart PV or battery, 12 V or 24 V*

PS150 Boost 60



PS150 Boost 125



PS150 Boost 240


Max. flow rate [m3/h]

Max. vertical lift [m]
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Lorentz PS150 Booster
Lorentz PS150 C Bomba solar
Lorentz PS150 C Bomba solar
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