Hydro Energy Project of the
comunity Ventanas
Corporación para el Desarrollo Sostenible CODESO
Energía hidraúlica CODESO
Vista de la comunidad Ventanas y el bosque
Near the cummunity of "Ventanas - Windows" is a nice waterfall. There is a Micro Hydroelectric Central with a Harris Pelton turbine of aprox. 2 KVA installed. With a head of nearly 60 meters the turbine is gererating the energy for the "Ecologic Train" and the lights, radios and TV´s in the houses and the electricity for the drinking water system. It now makes it possible to start the Ecotourism project, which will generate economic income for the families, and finally migrate the problem of abuse of the tropical woods.
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The community of Ventanas is located in the northwestern part of Ecuador, in the province of Esmeraldas, at the railroad between Ibarra and San Lorenzo. 

The black population of Ventanas has been living in former times from lodging tropical woods, and is actually capacitated in the sostainable management of the ecologic corridor.

The average monthly family income is less than 20 US$ or less than 10% of the national minmum income.
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Energía hidraúlica CODESO
Energías alternativas CODESO
Corporación para el Desarrollo Sostenible CODESO
The Awacachi Project, lead by NYTUA together with other institutions, is teaching and training the comunities of the project in sostainable management of their natural resources. They are also working in an Ecotourism Project for the black comunity of Ventanas, to help them to generate economic income for the families.
The project is coexecuted by the comunity of Ventanas, CODESO and the Fundación Niño y Tierra Unidos por el Ambiente, NYTUA, Tel: (593) 6 - 780 021, correo nytua@hotmail.com.
The black comunity of Ventanas is now able to realize their ecoturism project with the train, which is rising the life level of the families.

The Ecotourism project with it´s different components helps to migrate in a direct or indirect way the problems of tropical wood lodging and gives advantage to the actions of preservation.

It is also expected to have an positive impact on the neighbour communities, it will be analized where and how they should be involved in the project, or perhaps they get their own project.

In case that YOU like to participate helping this or other communities, please don´t hesitate to contact us.
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